Frequently Asked Questions

How is the film printed?

The film can be printed by wide-format UV ink-jet machinery. Depending on machine configuration this process allows layering of inks including CMYK, white and on some machinery, matt clear ‘frosted’ inks.

It is ‘floated’ onto the glass. This method involves wetting the adhesive and the glass. The film is then applied, and the water squeegeed out. Most of the water will be expelled at this point but there is always a drying time which depends on the room and glass temperature. Typically allow 30 days for full cure.

We strongly recommend it is installed by a professional installation company to prevent (for example) creasing, dirt inclusions and poor fit/cutting quality. We cannot be held responsible for poor application quality.

Our flagship E-2200ZC film is designed for internal application only. Other films are available for exterior use.

The film has a hard-coated surface to prevent scratching by conventional cleaning. It can be cleaned with neutral pH soapy water and a squeegee, as with normal glass. Abrasives should be avoided.

The film can be removed in one or more pieces (depending on the graphic size). The adhesion is fairly strong, so usually small nicks will be made on the edge of the film to enable individual strips to be removed.

No. We provide clear films to printing companies. If required, we would be happy to introduce you to an approved print and installation partner.

Design, print, apply and remove when required.