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VITROGRAPHIC® films enables designers and architects to create vibrant and exciting glazing installations from privacy and safety graphics, interior design and manifestation to creative branding and advertising.

Vitrographic® E‑2200ZC

Our flagship product VITROGRAPHIC® E-2200ZC is made from environmentally friendly 100% PVC-free materials and is coated with a 99% UV block adhesive. It features a unique printable hard coating that prevents surface damage (typically caused by cleaning) to unprinted areas – maintaining a perfect glass-clear appearance.

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UV ink-jet printable films for glass decoration, branding, privacy, manifestation and safety.

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VITROGRAPHIC® E-2200ZC is part of a wider range of window decoration products. Other options include exterior grade films, printable films for solvent and latex printing processes, and finishing films including optically clear hard-coated over laminating films.

Single-piece removable

The product lifecycle is an important consideration. Our single-piece removable mechanism means that when a design refresh is required the film can be removed cleanly and efficiently.

100% PVC-free

If the film is disposed of in landfill you can feel reassured that it is 100% PVC-free and does not contain any migratory plasticizers. By comparison, a PVC film used for window decoration typically (by weight) contains between 23-38% plasticizer content.

The films are clean room manufactured for ultimate optical clarity and quality, ensuring optimum light transmission, low haze and minimal distortion. Once applied to the glass it appears as if the design is directly printed onto the glass.

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